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atheisticons's Journal

Atheist Icons
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for posting icons that have something to do with atheism or a lack of faith in the supernatural. Membership is unmoderated, and any member can post.

  • You can post just about any sort of icons here, so long as they've got something to do with atheism or lack of religion. Some suggestions: Flying Spaghetti Monster or Invisible Pink Unicorn icons, separation of church and state or other politically-charged icons, icons of famous (or not-so-famous) atheists, and icons with atheism-related quotes. But don't limit yourself to these!
  • Community promotion is acceptable only if you do it in an icon post.
  • All posts must have at least one icon in them.
  • Posts with more than five icons must be cut. You may post up to five icons outside the cut as teasers.

Have fun!